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Management Team


Chairman & CEO
Tatsuyoshi Hirano

Mr.Tatsuyoshi Hirano is the Chairman & CEO. Prior to joining UMN Pharma, Mr. Hirano was the Director, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of Toys"R"Us-Japan, Ltd. where he was engaged in finance, accounting, investor relations, and corporate planning. He led the company to its successful IPO on JASDAQ in April of 2000. Previously, he worked for Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Mr. Hirano received his bachelor's degree in social sciences from Hitotsubashi University and his master degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Fumihisa Nakata

Mr. Fumihisa Nakata is the Director of R&D for UMN Pharma. Prior to joining UMN Pharma, Mr. Nakata was involved in vaccine development programs as a regulatory member at GlaxoSmithKline K.K. in Japan and succeeded in launching several vaccines. Previously, he worked in Preclinical and CMC departments at Nissin Flour Milling Inc. and Nissin-Kyorin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and succeeded in obtaining approval for several drugs from MHLW. He received his master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Okayama University.

Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Mr. Hiroyuki Hashimoto is the Director of Financing & General Administration of UMN Pharma. Prior to joining UMN Pharma, Mr. Hashimoto was a Director & General Partner of Advanced Science and Technology Corporation (ASTEC), Co., Ltd. where he focused on investments in the high-tech venture industry. Previously, he worked for the accounting and sales & marketing division of Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Mr. Hashimoto received his bachelor's degree from Doshisya University and his master degree in business administration from Keio Business School.


Kenji Kitamura     Auditor
Toshiaki Funakura    Independent Auditor
Kinichiro Kominami     Independent Auditor
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