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2004 Apr. Incorporated
2006 Mar. Renamed Tokyo office as Tokyo head office
Aug. UMN-0501, UMN-0502, UMN-0901: license agreement with Protein Sciences Corporation
Oct. Establishment of Akita laboratory
2008 Apr. UMN-0501: land in Akita acquired as future site of vaccine manufacturing facility
Jun. UMN-0501: received orphan drug designation by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
UMN-0501: initiation of phase I/II trials
Aug. UMN-0501: preparations for construction of UMN Pharma's vaccine manufacturing facility in Akita
Dec. Relocated Tokyo head office to Yokohama and named as Yokohama Headquarters
2009 Jan. UMN-0501: favorable immunogenicity and tolerability observed in phase I/II trial
Jul. Establishment of Yokohama laboratory
2010 Jan. Formed partnership with IHI corporation
Apr. Formed partnership with API Co., Ltd.
May Establishment of UNIGEN Inc.
Sep. Entered into the license agreement for UMN -0501 and UMN-0502 with Astellas Pharma Inc.
Nov. UMN-05: license agreement for China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore with Protein Sciences Corporation.
2011 Apr. Establishment of Akita Plant
May UMN-0502 (ASP7374): initiation of phase I/II trials
Jul. UMN-0501 (ASP7373): initiation of phase II trial
Dec. UMN-0502 (ASP7374): favorable immunogenicity and tolerability observed in phase I/II trial
2012 Jan. UMN-2003: license agreement with Dr. Timo Vesikari and Dr. Vesna Blazevic of the University of Tampere Vaccine Research Center
feb. UNIGEN Selected in First Round of METI's FY 2011 “Subsidy for Domestic Location Promotion Projects”
Mar. Commencement of construction of UNIGEN's manufacturing facility in Gifu
UMN-0501 (ASP7373): immunogenicity and favorable tolerability observed in phase II trial
Sep. UNIGEN Designated as Gifu Prefectural Government's “Subsidy for Promotion of Establishment of New Business Facilities”
Dec. Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market
UMN-0502 (ASP7374): administration completed in phase III trial
Entered into the license agreement for UMN-0501, UMN-0502 and UMN-0901 with ILDONG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2013 Mar. UMN-0502 (ASP7374): Non-inferiority observed in phase III trial among 1,060 elderly volunteers.
Apr. Relocated Yokohama Headquarters to Minato Mirai in Yokohama
Jun. Formed partnership for Co-development and commercialization biosimilars in the field of Oncology with YakultHonsha Co., Ltd. and API Co., Ltd
2014 Jan. UMN-0502 (ASP7374): Non-inferiority observed in phase III trial among 900 healthy volunteers aged from 20 to 64 years.
feb. Entered into the collaborative research agreement for norovirus vaccine with DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED.
May UMN-0502(ASP7374): submitted an application for marketing approval in Japan
2015 Aug. Relocated Yokohama Headquarters to Shin-Yokohama in Yokohama
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